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From open to close, come out to the Leigh Mall in Columbus, MS and see the local talent show their stuff!

Leigh Mall
1404 Old Aberdeen Road
Columbus, MS 39705

Three days at the mall with comic genre art, authors and panels.


J. L. Mulvihill will be there with her debut young adult fantasy novel The Lost Daughter of Easa
((excerpt from site http://www.elsielind.com/))
“The Lost Daughter of Easa came out and hit the ground running. The launching occurred at Dragon*Con  in Atlanta, GA, a most appropriate place to launch a fantasy novel. The book sold out which is a promising start. The second book signing took place at Pentimento Books in Clinton, MS, and again sales were very good and continued through the day even after the book store signing had ended until again J L Mulvihill was left without any books again.  While public signings are showing promise, the online sales are showing a steady flow of books being purchased as well.  One can only hope that the Lost Daughter of Easa will continue to shine in the coming months and into the next year as well.” Be a part of that shine!

And this is just a sample of who will be there. Come out and see them!


From open to close

Leigh Mall
1404 Old Aberdeen Road
Columbus, MS 39705

Three days at the mall with comic genre art, authors and panels.  Alexander S Brown will be at this event selling copies of Traumatized.

((excerpt from Amazon description))

“In fifteen dark tales, Traumatized exposes the depths of human depravity and the dank realms of macabre. In a collection where the comforts of church are forbidden, learn of a depraved congregation. Journey the downward spiral that forces a morally corrupt celebrity to revile her ugliness. Experience the lengths to which a madman will go to keep his true love. Explore the world of maniacs, the supernatural, creatures, eternal damnation, and the occult. Beware . . . the shadows may camouflage a culprit. Realize . . . that bump in the night isn’t just a tree branch tapping at your window. Now . . . learn what it really means to be . . . Traumatized.”

Pick up your copy at Leigh Mall and have Mr Brown autograph it for you!

Come see some artists and authors affiliated along the lines of comic books and graphic novels.  Columbus, MS will be having a three day event at

Leigh Mall
1404 Old Aberdeen Road
Columbus, MS 39705
Fri October 7, 2011 & Sat October 8 2011
Sunday October 9, 2011

This event is an annual affair, and this year’s theme is ‘Comics in Columbus’.  There will be panels on artwork and comic work and graphics. Among the attendees will be

Alexander S Brown of the horror collection Traumatized
Linda C. DeLeon of Fall Into Darkness
J. L. Mulvihill of The Lost Daughter of Easa (to be launched at DragonCon)
Glen Stripling of Chronosia

For an idea of travel time, here are some estimates:
About 3 to 3 1/2 hours from Memphis, TN
About 5 hours from Nashville, TN
About 2 hours from Oxford, MS
About 2 hours and 40 min from Jackson, MS
About 3 hours and 26 min from Vicksburg, MS
About 2 hours from Meridian, MS
About 4 to 4 ½ hours from Gulfport, MS
About 2 to 2 ½ hours from Birmingham, AL
About 3 to 3 1/2 hours from Huntsville, AL
About 3 hours from Montgomery, AL
About 5 hours from New Orleans, LA

So come and have some fun!

Come out and see Alexander S Brown, author of the horror collection Traumatized, at the MidSouth Paranormal Convention at his book signing.

Aug 26-28, 2011
Midsouth Paranormal Convention
2715 Fern Valley Rd.
Louisville, KY 40213

From the desk of Alexander S Brown:
“I will be in Louisville the whole weekend selling my books and photography with many great names in the horror and paranormal genres. Learn more at:

To view some of my art, go to

About Mr Brown:
Alexander S. Brown, quite literally, was raised on horror stories. Friday nights were family nights filled with wonderfully chilling tales! His grandfather introduced him to the world of horror and suspense, while his father offered stories of the urban legends and ghostly myths of Vicksburg. Not to be left out, his mother introduced him to the world of the paranormal. No wonder Mr. Brown wanted to learn as much as he could about the spiritual realm and many tales of folklore.

At an early age, while the other children played, Brown would focus his time and attention on the works created by the biggest names in horror today. His passion for nightmares were anchored in two new loves discovered in high school: creative writing and photography.

Most of Brown’s work comes from his dreams, but some also comes from reality. The works inspired by events other than his dreams are usually exaggerated versions of true events and everyday issues. But, regardless of their origin, raw emotion is woven throughout all his stories.

Alexander S. Brown at

In or around Southaven, Mississippi on Sunday, March 27, between 2P and 5P and looking for something to do? See Alexander S. Brown, Allan Wildmon, and Greg Overman at the M. R. Davis Public Library. Be sure to get a copy of Alexander S. Brown’s book, TRAUMATIZED, and have it signed!

March 27, 2011
M.R. Davis Public Library
8554 Northwest Drive
Southaven, MS 38671-2411

Horror author, Alexander S. Brown will sign copies of his book,TRAUMATIZED. Fee for signed paperbacks are $20.00 ea. This will be a multi-author event, and you are invited.

To learn more, go to the Facebook page:

Alexander S Brown

Horror author Alexander S Brown