Ever wanted to know what you looked like as a zombie?  Missed Sam Flegal at Murfreesboro, TN at the Anime and Comic Kon? Visit Sam Flegal’s booth and ask for one of his zombie portraits! While he is working on it, be sure to peruse his eye-catching fantasy art and his delightful penguin charactures. Where you might ask?

For hotel information and general admission costs, not to mention a list of the Guests who will be in attendance, go to:
Friday 5p-11p
Saturday 11a-7p
Sunday 11a-5p

Sam Flegal was born in October 1980 in Midland, Michigan. His love of illustration began when his father, while trying to calm a fussy three-year old on a plane, introduced little Sam to the world of drawing. Immediately intrigued, he quietly traced what his father drew, much to everyone’s relief. As he grew, Sam’s interests gravitated towards comic books and comic characters. He quickly filled his sketchbooks with images of Batman, Wolverine, and other dark heroes. On the day that his drawing skill surpassed his dad’s, Sam knew he was destined to be an artist. Sam studied illustration and graphic design at Mississippi State University, where he received his Bachelor of Fine Arts in 2003. While in college, Sam explored several illustration styles, from the dark and macabre to the light and whimsical. After graduating, Sam worked as a graphic designer and illustrator in various markets ranging from store signage, to stamp design, to video game production. During his free time Sam enjoys creative writing and custom model painting. He currently resides in Nashville, Tennessee, with his wife, a fellow graphic artist, and their lovely daughter.
To read more about him, please visit his website at http://www.facebook.com/l.php?u=http%3A%2F%2Fwww.samflega…