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From Owner Frank Hall:

This year we have more exciting authors for you to enjoy and more attractions. We will have the animal adoption fair again which was a big hit last year, several local businesses will be joining us with various activities and keep an eye out for the possibility of a car show and girl scout cookie sales and not to mention 8000+ books at 75% off our normal prices.

A little about Stephen Zimmer:

Stephen Zimmer is an award-winning author and filmmaker, whose literary works include the epic-scale urban fantasy series The Rising Dawn Saga, the epic fantasy Fires in Eden Series, and the Harvey and Solomon steampunk tales.

The Exodus Gate, Book One of the Rising Dawn Saga, was Stephen’s debut novel. It was released in the spring of 2009, with The Storm Guardians following in 2010, and The Seventh Throne in August of 2011.

Crown of Vengeance, Book One of the Fires in Eden Series, was released in the fall of 2009, with Book Two, Dream of Legends, following in December of 2010, and Spirit of Fire in June of 2012. Crown of Vengeance received a 2010 Pluto Award for Best Novel in Small Press.

Stephen’s short fiction includes the Harvey and Solomon steampunk stories included in the Dreams of Steam and Dreams of Steam II: Bolts and Brass anthologies from Kerlak Publishing.

As a filmmaker, Stephen’s film credits include the supernatural thriller feature Shadows Light, the horror short film The Sirens, and the recent Swordbearer, a medieval fantasy short film based upon the H. David Blalock novel Ascendant. (from his website at http://www.stephenzimmer.com/about-stephen/)


From Stephen Zimmer and one of Imagicopter’s publisher friends, Seventh Star Press:

The Big Announcement:
We have the opportunity to release an incredible book from award-winning editor Michael Knost featuring collaborators such as Neil Gaiman, Orson Scott Card, Joe Haldeman, James, Gunn, and many more called ‘The Writers’ Workshop of Science Fiction and Fantasy’.

We have a new Kickstarter page up with a great video produced by Dan and Jackie Gamber with their Allotrope Media crew. Take a look at the project and let us know what you think. If you have some places to spread the word, please do. This would be a wonderful project for both us and writers everywhere.


The proceeds from this Kickstarter project are to pay the contributors as well as printing costs. Support would be greatly appreciated, and there is a finished product waiting to be released.

Besides, the teaser short film is quite a joy to watch!

The October fun continues back in Memphis, TN for the second Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention!

Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention
October 14-16, 2011

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The Hilton Ballroom

Memphis, TN



Several authors and artists will be at this convention, and we hope you will join us! Situated on the third floor of the Hilton, all of the Convention will be pretty much located in one area – save for the panels of course. Host Joe Thordaston has an impressive line-up of talent, and Master of Ceremonies Allan Gilbreath is sure to keep the entertainment going. So, please – come on over and check it out!

Possible Attendees:

Cathy Benedetto

Tyree Campbell

Elizabeth K. Donald

Stephen P. Dorning

William Eakin

Jackie Gamber

Jimmy Gillentine

Jennifer Muvihill

Darrell Osborn

Stephanie Osborn

Stephen Zimmer

Seventh Star Press author Stephen Zimmer has done it again! Already having released the first two books of two different series, Mr. Zimmer has released the third in his Rising Dawn series! You can get your copy at That Book Place in Madison, IN and have the author sign it!

That Book Place
337 Clifty Drive
Madison, IN 47250
(812) 574-4113
Saturday August 13, 9am

Teaser from http://en.risingshadow.net/library?action=book&book_id=34284
Readers who have been journeying along in the Rising Dawn Saga will need to hold on to their seat, as a conflict of cosmic scope escalates rapidly. Hope, despair, new adventures, and new discoveries!
… (read the whole synopsis on site)
Threads intertwine as the dangers increase, and nowhere is safe as the things of the material and non-material worlds clash.  The Seventh Throne will leave the reader hungry for the next installment, after a revelation of tremendous magnitude culminates the latest Rising Dawn Saga adventure.

Go to That Book Place, buy a copy, have Mr Zimmer sign it, and stay to chat. An amiable gentleman, Mr Zimmer is always delighted to talk about his stories and projects! Especially if you get him a Monster Drink, his favorite beverage!


Con Nooga Appearances

Con Nooga, the Multi-Fandom Convention, is a Convention for Fans of Science Fiction, Horror, Fantasy, Gaming, Anime, Paranormal, Costuming, Films, Artist, Celebrities, Comics, Haunting...so much more! Held February 18-20, 2011, in Chattanooga, Tennessee, the convention will feature appearances by D. A. Adams, Sam Flegal, Allan Gilbreath, Kimberly Richardson, and Stephen Zimmer. For more information visit their website.

D. A. Adams

D. A. Adams

Sam Flegal

Sam Flegal

Allan Gilbreath

Allan Gilbreath