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Ever read the steampunk novel Convent of the Pure by Sara M. Harvey?

If you have not, you can get the ebook today for 99 cents on Kindle!


((excerpt from Sara M Harvey’s site))

“Secrets and illusions abound in a decaying convent wrapped in dark magic and scented with blood. Portia came to the convent with the ghost of Imogen, the lover she failed to protect in life. Now, the spell casting caste wants to make sure that neither she nor her spirit ever leave.

“The Convent of the Pure is a compelling blend of the numinous and the creepy, with a rich, atmospheric setting. I devoured it in a single sitting!”
– Jacqueline Carey (Kushiel’s Dart)”


Read more about Sara M Harvey at https://sites.google.com/a/saramharvey.com/www2/

Buy her eBook at http://www.amazon.com/dp/B0024NLC0S


Apex Day

Apex Book Company

The post title says it all, really. “Apex Day” has been an annual event in these parts. And for the first time since the inaugural Apex Day in 2007, we’re having the event in the world famous Joseph-Beth Booksellers store.

The ceremonial guest of honor will be Gary A. Braunbeck (To Each Their Darkness and A Cracked and Broken Path). Other featured Apex authors scheduled to be in attendance include Maurice Broaddus (Dark Faith and Orgy of Souls), Mari Adkins (Harlan County Horrors), Sara M. Harvey (The Labyrinth of the Dead and The Convent of the Pure), Jerry Gordon (Dark Faith) and Jason Sizemore. Other authors of note in attendance will be Lucy Snyder (Spellbent), Geoffrey Girard (Tales of Jersey Devil), Stephen Zimmer (The Exodus Gate), and whoever else we can wrangle into coming.

Planned activities:
There will be a reading from Gary A. Braunbeck
Meet ‘n Greet
Group Signing
Appalachian Folksong Singing led by Mari Adkins

We’ll have door prizes to give away (some T-shirts, some books, signed goodies). Joseph-Beth will have ample supplies of our books to sell or you can bring your own to have signed.

Afterward, we’ll be doing ‘Dinner with Apex’ at a nearby local restaurant.

When: Saturday, December 11th, 2010, 2-4pm
Where: Joseph-Beth Booksellers, 161 Lexington Green Circle, Lexington, KY

Dressed to Write at Two Roads Cafe

Having difficulty writing in attire for your story? Then attend Sara M. Harvey’s Workshop on Saturday November 13 at the Two Roads Cafe in Lebanon, TN!

“Beginning with a one-hour talk on how to use costuming in writing. In everything from basic costume design for your characters, using historical costumes and how to research them, and how to use the clothing to work WITH the story (like don’t have your zombie hunter running through the woods in 6 in spike heels- no one will take you seriously). We will also be talking about cliche clothing items- leather jackets, trench coats, …fedoras, etc. She will be bringing some examples of well done and not so well done books in this vein.

She will also take Q&A. And anyone who has anything specific to share or be critiqued for “costumeness” should bring their work.

The first hour will be devoted to the speaking and Q&A. The second hour or so she will be workshopping with the participants to help them hone their skills in this matter.

About Sara M. Harvey
Sara is an author of fiction and non-fiction as well as a freelance designer and instructor of costume history and fashion design at the International Academy of Design and Technology. She holds a Master’s degree in costume history from New York University and her Bachelor’s is in costume design from the University of California Santa Cruz. Her wearable art clothing is auctioned for charity at the annual St. Vincent dePaul Discarded to Divine event in San Francisco. She also contributes to costume history textbooks for Greenwood Publishing/ ABC-Clio Publishing.

Sara made her fiction debut in 2006 with the romantic urban fantasy A Year and a Day. Sara’s love of steampunk pushed her towards writing within that genre with her first two novella releases from Apex Publishing:  The Convent of the Pure and The Labyrinth of the Dead. ” [A Kindle version of a prequel to Convent, A Prelude to Penemue, is available now] “The Tower of the Forgotten is due out Spring 2011. Both [Convent and Labyrinth] can be described as paranormal Victorian Age dark fantasies with lesbian protagonists set in a steampunk environment. Sara’s unique style of genre-crossing work has been described by Jacqueline Carey as ‘a compelling blend of the numinous and the creepy’.

Sara will have her fiction on hand for sale at the event and is working on producing some chapbooks/pamphlets related to costuming. Special requests for costuming subjects will be considered. Please email sara@saramharvey.com to put in your request! (Requests must be received by Thursday November 11th)”