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Indigo Mosaic Publishing is a budding Independent Publisher with a few books in its library thus far. Its latest release, Mytherium, promises to be a lot of fun!

Teaser from Lulu.com:
“A varied collection of short stories, ranging from love stories right through to horror, with a delicious smattering of humour to balance it out. Meet our werewolves, vampires, gorgons, unicorns, trolls and many more inside our Mytherium.”

Speculative fiction writer Herika R Raymer is delighted that two of her short stories, ‘Clash’ and ‘Believe’, made it into the anthology.

‘Clash’  is a story of a small town plagued by gruesome murders. The nature of the grisly scenes prompts a resurgence of legendary tales among the townsfolk, because it is easier to believe in a mythical nightmare being responsible than one of their own. Or are the stories not too far off the mark?

‘Believe’ follows a person who loves debunking myth who encounters siblings who embody all that should be impossible. Myth was told to explain what is now just natural and medical science, right? There is nothing supernatural or paranormal in the modern world. Or is there?

Interested? Order a copy today at http://www.lulu.com/us/en/shop/indigo-mosaic/mytherium-tales-of-mythical-and-magical-creatures/paperback/product-20331046.html


For the third year running, the marvelously talented people of The Fine Arts Center in Hot Springs, AR have invited Imagicopter participants to be part of an Event. It will take place on September 8, 2012 and, unlike previous Events, this one promises to be an all-day exercise.

Donna Dunnahoe, one of the lovely ladies behind FAC, has put together a wonderful outline for the day’s activities. There will be workshops in the morning, book signings in the afternoon, and panels in the evening. Thus far, the following have signed up to be part of the experience barring any unforeseen mishaps:

Lineup (times subject to change):
H. David Blalock – workshop on “How to Write Short Stories”, time to be determined but not to exceed an hour

A. Christopher Drown, speculative fiction writer – workshop on “Presenting Yourself as a Professional Writer (Whether You Are Or Not)”, 1 hour

William Eakin, speculative fiction writer – workshop on “How to Sell Short Stories”, 1 hour

Jackie Gamber, writer, editor, and publisher – workshop on “How to Write Microstories (Stories under 200 words)”, time to be determined but not to exceed one hour

Dan Gamber, graphic designer and publisher – not sure if he is hosting a workshop

Leia Barret-Durham and Grady Glover, paranormal writers – workshop on “The Pros and Cons of Independent Publishing”,1 hour

Herika R. Raymer, editor and speculative writer – workshop on “How to Please an Editor”, 30 minutes

At this time, no schedule is available to post as details are being finalized. However, please see The Fine Arts Center website for updates on times, locations, and updates!

Old Hickory Mall has CANCELLED this Event on July 8, 2011

At The Old Hickory Mall in Jackson, TN there will be some small/vanity press authors who will be selling their books and they would like to meet you!

James Beverly of the Seamus the Sheltie children’s book series – available from Nightingale Press.
H. David Blalock of Ascendant, Emperor, and the newly released High Kings – available from Sam’s Dot Publishing.
Tyree Campbell of The Dog At The Foot of the Bed and the newly released The Quinx Effect – available from Sam’s Dot Publishing.
Stephen P. Dorning of Stars of Kanri and Spheres of Ryk-Tar – available from Fifth Estate Publishing.
Herika R. Raymer of short stories in Dragons Composed (Kerlak Publishing), Infradead (Sam’s Dot Publishing), Potter’s Field 4 (Sam’s Dot Publishing), and the recently published Best Left Buried (Pill Hill Press).
Henry L. Sanders of Blood Journey (Sam’s Dot Publishing) and Dark Eden (Sam’s Dot Publishing) as well as numerous publications of poetry.

Please be sure to mark your calendars and come out and visit with the authors, chat for a bit, and possibly walk away with a new story or piece of poetry! It looks to be a promising day – come out and share it!

Imagicopter has been invited back to Jackson, TN for another Author Meet and Greet! This time the attendees will be James Beverly of the SEAMUS series, Andy Childress of BUBBACOMIX, Tyree Campbell of SAMSDOT, A. Christopher Drown of A MAGE OF NONE MAGIC, DAVID NORA of DRAGONS COMPOSED, Herika R Raymer of IMAGYRO, Henry Sanders of BLOOD JOURNEY (who is also the host), and Shane Sullivan of MADNESS AND MAYHEM. Be sure to stop by The Jackson-Madison County Library and check them out on November 13, 2010 from 1P to 4P.

Giving Thanks in Jackson