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Rocket scientist become novelist Stephanie Osborn has done it again! Now she has revisited the Sherlock Holmes legend, by bringing into the modern era. Read how this “Displaced Detective” adapts to modern technology.

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Novelist Stephanie Osborn
My words: The Case of the Displaced Detective is a single story in two volumes — I simply found it impossible to tell the story properly in one book. I’ve been a huge Holmes fan since childhood, and when the “plot bunny” for this story bit, it bit HARD. I HAD to write it! The first draft came spewing from my fingers into my laptop, 215,000 words in two months! That’s like one person holding a wide-open fire hose. I couldn’t get it set down fast enough! I’m so excited about this story, which is the first of a series where Holmes and Chadwick tackle technological and scientific based mysteries. There are two more in the editing pipeline, and three more besides that in work, and I’ve got ideas for more besides! I love these characters and this world — I could write these books for the rest of my life!

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