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L R Barrett-Durham and E G Glover will be guests at this year’s Con*Stellation. Please come out and visit with them!


L.R. Barrett-Durham self-published her first epic fantasy novel, Never Trust a Sorcerer, in September of 2011. She has published five books in her first year as an indie author.  While writing the second book to The Trust Series, Always Trust Your Honor, she met her coauthor E. G. Glover and began working on their paranormal romance series, The Fear Series. Book One, Fear the Beast Within, was finished in thirty-seven days and was published one day apart from Always Trust Your Honor. Book Two, Fear the Thirst Within, was published in May 2012.  Her newest novel, Book Three of The Trust Series, Forever Trust Your Aim, is fresh off the presses, being published September 4, 2012, just thirteen days shy of the one year mark.

A native of North Alabama, L R is not only an author, but also a freelance artist while she isn’t at her day job, being a Network Technician for one of the largest Credit Unions in Alabama. She illustrated the covers of each of her five books, in addition to designing the promotional banners as well as jewelry taken right from the descriptions provided on the pages of her books. She also makes fantasy stained glass dragons and gargoyles, and custom pieces. Check their website athttp://fearandtrust.freewebspace.com/ or chat with them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fearandtrust

E.G. Glover is new to the novel-writing scene with Fear the Beast Within, which was written and published with L R Barrett-Durham in January 2012. He flirted with idea of writing in high school by authoring various poems and short stories, but it wasn’t until recently that his dream of writing a novel became a reality.

Four short months later, he and L. R. Barrett-Durham published Book Two of The Fear Series entitled, Fear the Thirst Within. He is currently working on Fear the Emptiness Within, Book Three of The Fear Series, with Barrett-Durham.

This Alabama native’s hopes with this series are to prove that a romantic story can be told with a male’s point of view entwined, and still hold its romanticisms. Check their website at http://fearandtrust.freewebspace.com/ or chat with them on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/fearandtrust.


When L R Barrett-Durham began writing the Trust series, she never expected it to blossom as it has. After all, the first tale – Never Trust A Sorcerer- sat, completed, in her computer database for years until she decided to self-publish it. After careful research into whether or not to sign with a publishing agency or self-publish, L R Barrett-Durham liked the amount of control she had with self-publishing and went with CreateSpace. She only expected to release the one book.

Now her third book, Forever Trust Your Aim, is available to buy!

Teaser for ‘Trust’:
“It has been three years since the death of Remus’ greatest foe, and all is peaceful, except in Vlasisith’s heart. His life-mate still won’t awaken from her slumber and he’ll do anything he can to get her back. After an underhanded plot put into motion by the Wemic Queen, he takes his love to her family in hopes that they can help. Giamar Tremalian, Captain of the Elven Army, ventures out for Moondale on a simple errand, only to find that he is needed by Vlasisith. He quickly offers to help, but gets more than he bargained for. Little do they both know that clerics have disappeared to the south and the village of Oglethorpe has been completely destroyed by a man clad in black wielding powers that threaten them all. And he’s heading north. International selling author, L R Barrett-Durham, brings the life back into Epic Fantasy with The Trust Series. The saga continues with the third installment, Forever Trust Your Aim, and there is no end in sight for the adventures of Remus.” (Care Of amazon.com)

Interested? Get your copy today!