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Fans of the IN HELL series have said that the latest release, ROGUES IN HELL, is delightful. Yet what is the premise behind it? Quite simply, the reader follows historical figures surmised to have been sentenced to Hell for their heinous crimes. The stories either follow the faction wars that are happening in Hell, people trying to escape Hell, or other happenings going on. The themes for each anthology is in the title – LAWYERS IN HELL and ROGUES IN HELL being self descriptive.

So what did H David Blalock write about?

As mentioned, there are different factions in Hell who often war between themselves, not to mention those inside the factions plotting to get out. H David Blalock chose to explore the idea of the two Egyptian magicians who faced off with Moses and their scheme to escape hell – by leaving the Egyptian Hell and breaking into the Chinese Hell to get a Key from the Demon Guard there and using it to get out. Assigned to stop them is a Chinese General, but can he succeed?

Sound interesting? If that is not to your liking, there are other stories that are mentioned in several favorable reviews that might be more your taste.

Teaser on ROGUES IN HELL:Image
“Janet Morris leads her writers back to Hell.

Hot on the heels of Lawyers in Hell, the New Hell Sinday Times bestseller, comes ROGUES IN HELL…

The war heats up, Satan antes up, and rogues go adventuring as Hell’s landlord faces off with Heaven’s auditors.

Veteran Hellions sin again and new writers fall from grace:

Shirley Meier, Bradley H. Sinor, Michael Z. Williamson, Deborah Koren, Julie Cochrane, Bruce Durham, Janet Morris, Chris Morris, Richard Groller, H. David Blalock, Nancy Asire, Michael H. Hanson, Sarah Hulcy, Michael A. Armstrong, Larry Atchley, Jr., Bill Snider, Edward McKeown, John Manning, Jack William Finley, David L. Burkhead and Allan Gilbreath” (Care Of amazon.com)


Just in time for Halloween, 2012:

New Orleans’ Haunted History Tours offers a Special Vampire Literary Tour. Follow in the footsteps of your favorite vampire characters and visit the locations that inspired famous vampire authors such as Anne Rice, Sherilynn Kenyon, Allan Gilbreath, and more.

This special tour is available for groups of twenty or more, the cost is $25 per person. Private tours can be booked by calling 504-861-2727. For our regular vampire tour, cemetery tour, ghost or voodoo tour, please visit our website at http://www.hauntedhistorytours.com and book online.

We also offer Garden District tours, specialty pirate and our arts and literary tour. Look for us at the Undead Con; special discount prices on our regular tour for Undead Con participants.

(From Kalia Smith via Facebook)

These are the New Orleans tours you’ve heard about! As seen on A&E,Discovery, Fox Network, The History Channel, MTV, Sci Fi, and RECOMMENDED by The Travel Channel as …”The #1 Tour In New Orleans!”

(from Haunted History Tours,http://www.hauntedhistorytours.com/)

Since 1976, Chattacon has been a Fan Convention held in January. This year, come and see some wonderful talent!

((from Imagicopter))
Darrell Osborn, better known as the manic Doctor with his Balloons of Doom, has been touring conventions for many years. Bringing smiles to both children and adults with his comedy routines, Doctor Osborn is a man of particular talent. An innocent face that beguiles his audience, they never truly know what to expect. One thing is certain, they will always leave with a smile on their face and a tale to tell!
His ‘mundane’ life is a mystery, though we do know that he has done some marvelous book covers! See his work at Kerlak Publishing, on his wife’s (Stephanie Osborn) novels, and also on the November Issue of Imagyro Magazine!

((from Imagicopter))
Allan. Gilbreath is a nationally recognized author, publisher, speaker, and training instructor in subjects such as writing, programming, database design, web trend analysis, eCommerce activities, IT Project+, HIPAA, and utilization of the Internet. He has appeared on television, radio, web cast, and has toured the country in live appearances. Mr. Gilbreath is one of the originators of the Infotainment style of teaching/training.
In October 1998, he was the featured author on the television show “Meet the Author”. Mr. Gilbreath was also featured in October 2004 on the literary radio show “Curious Minds” by Jana Oliver. In 2006, Mr. Gilbreath appeared on stage as Mr. Smith in Eugene Ionesco’s The Bald Soprano. He is the author of Galen, Dark Chances, Short Story Collection, and co-wrote HIPAA. (Kerlak Publishing)

((from Imagicopter))
Stephanie Osborn is a former payload flight controller, a veteran of over twenty years of working in the civilian space program, as well as various military space defense programs. Stephanie holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in four sciences: Astronomy, Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, and she is “fluent” in several more, including Geology and Anatomy. She obtained her various degrees from Austin Peay State University in Clarksville, TN and Vanderbilt University in Nashville, TN.
She has worked on numerous Space Shuttle flights and the International Space Station, and counts the training of astronauts on her resume. Of those astronauts she trained, one was Kalpana Chawla, or “K.C.,” a member of the crew lost in the Columbia disaster. Stephanie is currently retired from space work. She now happily “passes it forward,” tutoring math and science to students in the Huntsville area, from elementary through college, while writing science fiction mysteries based on her knowledge, experience, and travels.
Her new novels Displaced Detective and At Speed are available from Twilight Times Books, Fictionwise, and other fine bookstores.

((from http://michaelbielaczyc.com/blog/about/))
Michael Bielaczyc has been making art his whole life.
He has been selling and showing work since 1995, when he self published his own comic book. Going back to college at 25, he decided that art was going to be his main focus in life.
In 2001, he started an art company, Aradani Studios, with his brother Paul. Together they have shown and worked in shows across America selling both their artwork and costuming. While Michael has worked for such popular role-playing franchises as Dragonlance and Castlemourn, his real passion is for his personal work. He works in mediums from oil paint to latex prosthetics, video to graphite. You can see his work at http://www.michaelbielaczyc.com .
Artist Statement:
True myth has slowly been destroyed by modern culture. We have found light in the darkness, and with it shut the door to true belief in the unbelievable.We are left only with personal mythologies, views which can only really be understood by our solitary self.
I feel my only option is to share my myths and hope it sparks a little bit of belief in something beyond ourselves.

((from http://paulbielaczyc.com/))
Back in 2002, Paul Bielaczyc would never have imagined that this is where he would be today: making art, traveling across the country, co-owning a business, and working with his brother and sister. It has been quite a journey, with plenty of stories, and if you ever meet Paul at a show, you will most likely hear many of them.
Paul’s story as an artist began with an invitation from his brother, Michael Bielaczyc, to join him working the Tennessee Renaissance Festival in 2002. Paul was in college at the time, and about to start graduate school for Computer Science. His brother wanted him to work the Ren Faire during the summer, have some fun, and make a little money. By the time Paul graduated with his Master’s degree, Aradani Studios was in need of a second full time employee. He decided to put his education on hold and join his brother working for a time.
So in 2004, Paul Bielaczyc started full time as a professional artist and costume maker. In that time, Paul has worked for various independent projects and also some well known settings, Dragonlance and White Wolf to name a few. He has had the great opportunity to do the cover illustration for Apex Digest, illustrating a Kevin J. Anderson story. While having worked for other companies, Paul finds the most rewarding experience to work on his own projects, or on commisions for individuals. To date some of his earliest works have remained his most popular, Yin Lang and Nightmare, both finished in December of 2004. The latter won a Chesley Award in 2006 for Best Monochrome Unpublished.

The October fun continues back in Memphis, TN for the second Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention!

Memphis Comic and Fantasy Convention
October 14-16, 2011

Friday, Saturday, Sunday

The Hilton Ballroom

Memphis, TN



Several authors and artists will be at this convention, and we hope you will join us! Situated on the third floor of the Hilton, all of the Convention will be pretty much located in one area – save for the panels of course. Host Joe Thordaston has an impressive line-up of talent, and Master of Ceremonies Allan Gilbreath is sure to keep the entertainment going. So, please – come on over and check it out!

Possible Attendees:

Cathy Benedetto

Tyree Campbell

Elizabeth K. Donald

Stephen P. Dorning

William Eakin

Jackie Gamber

Jimmy Gillentine

Jennifer Muvihill

Darrell Osborn

Stephanie Osborn

Stephen Zimmer

Horror writer and Kerlak Publisher Allan Gilbreath will be at LibertyCon 24 promoting the latest release – LAWYERS FROM HELL! Hear him regale you with outrageous tales of previous Cons as well as his experience as a Fight Coordinator for a Cineline Production’s movie – SWORDBEARER.

LibertyCon 24
Comfort Inn & Suites
East Ridge, TN

((from the Bio at http://www.libertycon.org))
Allan Gilbreath denies that he was raised by wolves, but still enjoys quiet moonlit evenings. He is an accomplished skeptic, cook, gardener, computer geek, martial artist, and avid student of arcane knowledge. Allan is also a nationally recognized and award-winning author, publisher, speaker, and instructor. He has appeared on television, stage, radio, web/podcast, and tours the country in live appearances. He enjoys serving on convention panels and can cover a wide range of topics from the serious to the outrageous. In his adult vampire novels, Galen and Dark Chances, he links sensual fantasy with danger and predation to excellent effect. His exceptional use of plot tension between the various characters sets a wonderful stage for the little details that bring it all to life. Allan’s Jack Lago supernatural mysteries are known for their attention to detail and suspense. His short stories have appeared in numerous anthologies and his latest work, Allan Gilbreath: A Short Story Collection.

Allan was the fight coordinator for the independent short film Swordbearer, a fantasy featuring excellent special effects and a dramatic sword fight. Allan also serves as an investigative skeptic for paranormal and cryptid research. His stories of investigations are not to be missed. In addition, he is no stranger to the kitchen and is the host of The Art of Genre Cooking. Catch a cooking panel and learn all about prepping food to match your themed event.

Go out at see him, take a look at the books, and come away laughing!