Indigo Mosaic Publishing is a budding Independent Publisher with a few books in its library thus far. Its latest release, Mytherium, promises to be a lot of fun!

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“A varied collection of short stories, ranging from love stories right through to horror, with a delicious smattering of humour to balance it out. Meet our werewolves, vampires, gorgons, unicorns, trolls and many more inside our Mytherium.”

Speculative fiction writer Herika R Raymer is delighted that two of her short stories, ‘Clash’ and ‘Believe’, made it into the anthology.

‘Clash’  is a story of a small town plagued by gruesome murders. The nature of the grisly scenes prompts a resurgence of legendary tales among the townsfolk, because it is easier to believe in a mythical nightmare being responsible than one of their own. Or are the stories not too far off the mark?

‘Believe’ follows a person who loves debunking myth who encounters siblings who embody all that should be impossible. Myth was told to explain what is now just natural and medical science, right? There is nothing supernatural or paranormal in the modern world. Or is there?

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