From Artist Lindsay Archer:

Hey everyone in the Atlanta area and NOTP. Tammy Pryce and I will be showing our art at this great shop called “Forever and a Day” It’s on 92 north of 575. Please come support us and this wonderful store, by coming out on Saturday September 15th.

From Forever and a Day:
We are so excited to announce the Gallery event we are hosting at Forever And A Day on September 15th with the art of Lindsay Archer and Tammy Pryce being highlighted. More images to follow. These two girls have wonderful pieces of art.

Lindsay Archer has been working with art since she could pick up a pencil. Through hardships and victories, Archer’s renditions have been both inspiring and captivating to any who have seen them. Recently partnering with fellow artist Tammy Pryce, the duo have been delighted at the results of their collaboration. For the first time, they will be sharing them with the public on September 15, 2012 at a little shop called Forever And A Day, and they want you to be there!

Forever And A Day
7830 Georgia 92
Woodstock, GA   30189
(770) 516-6969

To learn more about Lindsay Archer or just to see a sample of her items:

To learn more about Tammy Pryce or just to see a sample of her items:

To see their collaborative works, either find them on Facebook or, better yet, visit Forever And A Day on September 15, 2012 and get one of your very own!