Memphis author Robert J. Krog is a marvelous storyteller. Having been bitten by the plot bunny, it does not look like this delightful writer is going to stop anytime soon. We certainly hope he does not.

In a kingdom haunted by witches, where vampires hunt in the night, when there are murders but not witnesses, when the method of murder reveals the how but not the who, one calls upon the eye-man to help solve crimes. The eye-man has the answer. It can be found in a bag full of eyes, along with things one does not seek. What is a royal inspector to do? He does his duty of course, though duty can be such unpleasant work.

Here is the tale of Royal Inspector Sir Gordon spending a night as an old lady, of a night he didn’t live, of the eye-man and his methods, of a vampire and his victims, and of a bargain with a witch…

About Robert J Krog
Robert J. Krog was born in 1973. He is a native of Memphis, TN. He is married with two children. Mr. Krog is a devout Catholic and a member of the Knights of Columbus. He has been an assistant arborist for his father, who was a professional arborist. He has also been a grocery store clerk, a waiter for one week, an order out delivery guy for one week, a legal runner, a substitute teacher, and high school History teacher, all in Memphis, TN.

He has several degrees, mostly in History, and is putting none of them to good use, though he loves History and can still translate Ancient Egyptian, if he works at it. Currently, he works in chemical yard care and writes as much as obligations to a full-time job, the church, and family life allow. His short stories have appeared in the anthologies parABnormal digest (Sam’s Dot Publishing), Shelter of Daylight (Sam’s Dot Publishing), and in Clockwork Spells and Magical Bells (Kerlak Publishing). His debut collection, Stone Maiden and Other Tales, has been followed by this new novella.