Remember in school when students were taught that there were three viewpoints of writing: first-person, second-person, and third-person? The two voices which dominated much of required reading material was in first- or third-person, so what happened to second-person? It is often avoided, but there are those who would like the presentation.

Enter Mandi M. Lynch of Ink Monkey Press, who decided to revive the second-person voice in her new anthology ‘You Don’t Say!’. A collection of stories written entirely in the second-person, it has the potential to drive some English and Literary teachers a bit crazy. However, that is the draw. Ms. Lynch wanted something unusual, and has found a delightful selection of stories that met her criteria.

From CreateSpace:
You Don’t Say is an anthology of stories written in second person, where “you” is the main character and “you” is the narrator. Writing in second person allows a reader to step into a story and feel as though they’re right there in the action.

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