Jackie Gamber is no stranger to the publishing world. As former partner of the award winning publishing company Meadowhawk Press, she is a writer and editor with a fantastical grasp of storytelling and how to present a delightful tale. ‘Redheart’, the first book of her Leland Dragon series, was initially published by Meadowhawk Press. Due to its success, it was subsequently picked up by Seventh Star Press as a second edition, and has now blazed the way for the sequel, ‘Sela’, and a third book to come.

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Leland Dragon Series #1 – Redheart

Enter the lands of Leland Province, where dragon and human societies have long dwelled side by side. Superstitions rise sharply, as a severe drought strips the land of its bounty, providing fertile ground for the darker ambitions of Fordon Blackclaw, Dragon Council Leader, who seeks to subdue humans or wipe them off the face of the land.

As the shadow of danger creeps across Leland Province, a young dragon named Kallon Redheart, who has turned his back on dragons and humans alike, comes into an unexpected friendship. Riza Diantus is a young woman whose dreams can no longer be contained by the narrow confines of her village, and when she finds herself in peril, Kallon is the only one with the power to save her. Yet to do so means he must confront his past, and embrace a future he stopped believing in.

A tale of friendship, courage, and ultimate destiny, Redheart invites readers to a wondrous journey through the Leland Dragon Series. (taken from http://www.jackiegamber.com/)

Leland Dragon Series #2 – Sela

Sela picks up a few years after the events of Redheart. Vorham Riddess, Venur of Esra Province, covets the crystal ore buried deep in Leland’s mountains, and his latest device to obtain it is by marriage to a Leland maiden.
Among Dragonkind, old threats haunt Mount Gore, and shadows loom in the thoughts of the Red who restored life to land and love. A dragon hunter, scarred from countless battles, discovers he can yet suffer more wounds.

In the midst of it all, Sela Redheart is lost, driven from her home with only her old uncle to watch over her. As the dragon-born child of Kallon, the leader of Leland’s Dragon Council, she is trapped in human form with no understanding of how she transformed, or how to turn back.

In a world where magic is born of feeling, where the love between a girl and a dragon was once transformative, what power dwells in the heart of young Sela? (taken from http://www.jackiegamber.com/)

Jackie Gamber is the award-winning author of “Redheart” and “Sela”, Books One and Two of the Leland Dragon Series, as well as several science fiction/fantasy/dark fiction tales. For more information about Jackie and her mosaic mind, visit


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