Ever wondered what rocket scientists did after they left the field? Some of them become authors, like the lovely Stephanie Osborn. She has co-authored many books with Travis S. Taylor and Darrell Bain, but has a few novels she calls her own. The first was ‘Burnout: The Mystery of Space Shuttle STS-281’.

If you have not heard, Stephanie Osborn’s first solo novel – ‘Burnout’ – is in the pre-production stages of becoming a movie. Still, there were questions left by the book that readers were intrigued to find out about. One in particular was a scene where“Dr. Mike Anders buys a small spaceman fetish from a Zuni elder at atrading post. There’s a story behind this little lapis spaceman carving. What is it, and how did it come to be?” (taken from http://www.stephanie-osborn.com)

Mrs. Osborn answers this question in the short ebook ‘The Fetish’. Since it is a short book, we cannot say much more about it lest we give it away. So make your way to Kindle and pick up your copy today!

Want more non-fiction from Mrs. Osborn? In November her latest collaborative work with Travis S. Taylor will be available. The Rocket City Rednecks’ New American Space Plan cover art can be viewed at
and will be available to purchase soon. Don’t know about the Rocket City Rednecks?

“Meet the Rocket City Rednecks. They’re five “backwoods” guys from the rocket city: Huntsville, Alabama, home to NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center and the birthplace of the U.S. space program. Sure, they love to shoot stuff and drink beer, and one of ’em lives in a trailer, but with a family tree full of NASA rocket scientists (not to mention their own PhDs and advanced degrees), they aim a little higher—like using homemade moonshine to fuel a rocket!

“Now, in typical laid back style, Dr. Travis S. Taylor, leader of the crew, [with assistance from Ms Osborn] delivers the goods on how America can return to space exploration and manned space flight – and can probably do so with common items found in a typical redneck backyard. What’s needed is a good old ‘try anything’ attitude, a bit of gumption, and the spectacularly entertaining backyard science that’s the Rocket City Redneck specialty.” (taken from