Illustrator Lynette Rene Cook of California will be a speaker at SETI CON II, in Santa Clara, CA from June 22-24, 2012.

Never heard of SETI CON? It is the “place where science and imagination meet” and is the science and science-fiction convention of the SETI Institute. Learn more about it at

Lynette Rene Cook, a Fellow of the International Association of Astronomical Artists, has not only scientific imagery in her gallery, but also a few historic and a sampling of botanical imagery as well. Her gallery can be found at

Lynette Cook combines her knowledge of science and art to realize some wonderful visions. Her early work mostly comprised of botanical and biological imagery, she soon was able to branch out into science. Today, she is best known for her paintings of exoplanets. The realistic depiction of her work is due to her method of consulting with astronomers, even discoverers of exoplanets themselves, and learning what the worlds might look like to help develop paintings based not only on the known data but also some scientifically plausible elements such as moons and planetary rings. To see samples of her extraordinary talent, visit her site at

Perusing her site, it is apparent why she was selected as a speaker for SETI CON II. Lynette Rene Cook was also the illustrator of Glen Stripling’s mystery science fiction novel Chronosia.