Science-fiction writer Glen Stripling will have a short story published soon through Sam’s Dot Publishing’s Martian Wave.


Originally established by Sam’s Dot creator James Baker, Martian Wave is an annual science fiction magazine dedicated to the exploration and colonization of space. James Baker began Sam’s Dot under the original name of ProMart Publishing with the idea of shining a light on poems, flashes, short stories, novellas, and novels by great upcoming writers of science fiction. After his death, ProMart Publishing became Sam’s Dot Publishing and continues his work with the addition of fantasy, dark fantasy, horror, steampunk, and paranormal. They have won a few awards, and even bestow the James Baker award to a few of the authors who write in their magazines. Perhaps Glen Stripling, author of the mystery science-fiction novel Chronosia, will join those ranks of winners with his new short story.

His science-fiction short story called “The Geysers of Enceladus,” will be released in 2012 Martian Wave scheduled to be out on May 1st. Look for it either at Sam’s Dot Publishing or!


To learn more about Glen Stripling, visit his website at