Author James Daniel Ross, who has written novel and short stories, now presents his latest work of fiction – the novella “Last Ride of the Iron Cowboy”. Check it out!

A world of brass, steam, and gears has blossomed across late nineteenth century America. It has even touched the tiny town of Nowhere, Indiana. The iron rails of the locomotive have brought news of foreign lands, neImagew technologies, and prosperity into the once quiet town.

But now it brings a much darker cargo.

Sheriff Jack Judge has seen a lot of years, a lot of miles. The well-polished handles of his six-guns have brought down more than his share of bad men. But what is about to descend upon him will take more than his cowboy know-how, more than grit, more than forty-four caliber bullets. It will take the most advanced technology steam and brass can bring to bear, for it is the vestige of a long dead empire that threatens the town he has sworn to protect, and the Sheriff Judge is all that stands between Nowhere and total destruction.

A native of Cincinnati, Ohio, James has been an actor, computer tech support operator, historic infotainment tour guide, armed self defense retailer, automotive petrol attendant, youth entertainment stock replacement specialist, mass market Italian chef, low priority courier, monthly printed media retailer, automotive industry miscellaneous task facilitator, and ditch digger.

The Radiation Angels: The Chimerium Gambit is his first novel and is followed by The Radiation Angels: The Key to Damocles.

James Daniel Ross shares a Dream Realm Award with the other others in Breach the Hull, and an EPPIE award with the others appearing in Bad Ass Faeries 2.

Most people are begging him to go back to ditch digging.