Reserve time on September 12 and 13 to listen to award winning James Beverly talk about his series, Seamus the Sheltie.

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Are you a parent who is struggling with how to talk to your child? Just do not know how to approach certain topics like morals, death, or bullying? Listen as child psychologist James Beverly talks about his series to help parents – Seamus the Sheltie, a loveable dog who has humorous adventures while learning about the world around him. Mr. Beverly used the storytelling techniques of his grandfather, with the addition of animal language for Seamus, and a whopping dose of humor to help the medicine go down! Having encountered many parents and children who needed help, Mr. Beverly was inspired to write these wonderful tales to assist those he cannot get to. Written to appeal to children, while dealing with subjects parents know must be addressed, Seamus the Sheltie is a definite read.

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as well as at, however – Amazon does not offer a Special Coloring Book when you visit their site. Just click on over to Seamus The Sheltie, visit his Secret Place, and download a free coloring book!

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