A lover of animals, Joy Ward has helped write two touching novels! Interviews from the Ark (available from Kerlak Publishing) is a delightful mix of stories by Joy Ward and Missa Dixon which allows owners to get a peek into what their pets are thinking. Haint: A Tale of Extraterrestrial Intervention and Love Across Time and Space (available from Trafford Publishing) is Joy Ward’s novel about love and the influence pets have on us. Joy Ward will be signing copies of the books at The Pet Set stores in Atlanta, GA. She will be at

The Pet Set
976 Piedmont Ave
Friday Aug 5

The Pet Set
2480 Briarcliff Road #3
Saturday Aug 6

Come out and see her!

Teaser on Haint from http://www.sffmeta.com/showbook?bookNo=963
How did we evolve? Did we have help? In a world torn apart by cataclysmic climate changes, survivors learn answers to these immortal questions as they join together based on their love of various dog breeds. Two voices, the weimaraner Haint and his mistress Amanda, tell the story of how each in their own way come to the realization of what they mean to each other. Along the way, Haint explains how his species came to help humans along in their evolutionary development. Haint also reveals that the world is becoming inhabitable for humans and dogs so he and his kind must make the decision whether to save themselves and what they have learned over the thousands of years on Earth or stay and take their chances with the doomed humans. Amanda, accompanied by her friends Kern and Liddy and their canine familiars Haint and Cloudy, travel across a landscape with violent weather and competing tribes as they look for a way to save their “breed” from drought. During the trip they take on an enigmatic young girl who is much more than she appears. Haint is the story of lives entangled over thousands of years and hundreds of lifetimes as dogs and humans discover the depths of their love for each other.

Teaser on Interviews from http://www.kerlak.com/ark.html
Have you ever wondered what the animals around you are thinking? So did noted interviewer Joy Ward until she teamed up with gifted animal translator Missa Dixon. Dixon has had the ability to understand and communicate with all kinds of animals for as long as she can remember. Now, Dixon and Ward open up a world that few could imagine.
In Interviews from the Ark you’ll meet a Bernese Mountain Dog who helps children learn to read to repay a karmic debt. There’s an opossum who wants to be human. One chinchilla works hard keeping his household calm and centered. Dogs, cats, birds, a tiger, a horse, an alpaca, a beaver, a rat, an elephant and others tell us about their lives, their dreams and their advice.

Want to learn more about the author? Go see her at http://www.joyward.net/!