For lovers of science-fiction, Tyree Campbell now offers THE QUINX EFFECT – a collection of stories showing how one person can influence more than they expect.

Quinx Terrwillinger has been treated and taught as an adult for as long as she can remember, the only recipient of such training so that she would be more effective as she lives and works in Space. Who could guess that she would need such training shortly after leaving Earth’s orbit?

Follow Quinx as she crash lands on one of Jupiter’s moons, is rescued by a wanted child-murderer and assists in her rescuer’s escape, and is subsequently sent to work on Ceres, another moon, while enduring periodic interrogations as to the child-murderer’s whereabouts. Read about a world beyond our own, and the prejudices and politics that endure even when they should die out. Instead of presenting a nirvana of brotherhood in the future, Tyree Campbell instead presents a gritty portrayal of the destiny of mankind.

Join Quinx and her associates, and find out what happens at the end of man’s journey into Space!

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