Kevin R. Maze was inspired to write WISP after watching an episode of Law & Order. The prime suspect had an airtight alibi and could not have committed the crime. The question Mr. Maze asked himself was basically “What if the murderer could not have possibly committed the crime, but in fact did?”

The answer – The Shadow Man of Ellerton, Alabama!

The town of Ellerton, Alabama has had no homicides in five years, then the mangled corpse of a local real-estate agent is discovered at the local hunting spot of Bower’s Field. Now he has to solve a murder while trying to keep it quiet for local politics, enduring the suspicious nature of the mayor who has a personal grudge, and helping a nephew dealing who has just endured a recent shock. Full of interpersonal intrigue, a delightfully evil overtone established from the Prologue, WISP takes the reader on a horrific ride.

As Kevin R. Maze’s debut mystery, it is a good look at character development and small town politics.

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