Ellen C. Maze has done it again. DAMASCUS ROAD is the sequel to THE JUDGING, a tale about a cursed soul trying to find redemption. Put bluntly, Mrs. Maze has proposed a concept where vampires can, and sometimes do, seek redemption through God. Sound impossible? Not really. Having already established her premise with her RABBIT series, Ellen C. Maze just delves deeper into the idea that those who are lost can be found again. Unlike some vampire novels, Mrs. Maze’s vampires are definitely villians – bloodthirsty, vicious, and focused on easing their hunger. Of course, if ALL her vampires were like that, there would be no tale.

Enter Tony Agricola, who survived his initial encounter with a vampire in THE JUDGING and now endures his own torment in DAMASCUS ROAD. Follow Tony as he tries to save strangers from the neverending hunger of the creatures of the night. Yes, these vampire books are written by a Christian and has Christian overtones. Think this a strange combination? Well, give it a try and see if it works for you!

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