“I’m really looking forward to my first visit with Frank to That Book Place! For those of you that don’t know me yet, I write Epic Fantasy, with two active series, one being the Epic Urban Fantasy Rising Dawn Saga and the other being the medieval fantasy Fires in Eden Series. I have reviews, interviews, and info on the books on my site at www.stephenzimmer.com The December 4th date will be one of the first for the new Fires in Eden Book (book 2).

I definitely hope everyone will consider coming out on Saturday and hanging out for awhile with myself and A.J. Scudiere! It will be a great day, and I’ll have lots of pretty sharp stuff to give away. Will be signing for Crown of Vengeance, Storm Guardians, the Exodus Gate, and Dreams of Steam (which I have my first steampunk short story in). if you need more information on me, want to read some press and reviews, just go to www.stephenzimmer.com

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